La Eliana (Valencia)



The online shop (e-commerce) is the best type of website for companies 100% customer oriented with a wide range of products and services online and make your business profitable. One type of web aimed at companies wishing to attract customers and / or users showing their best image on the internet, advertising and sales area online using your website as a regular form of communication with their customers. In the structure of this type of website is mainly to the list of products or services they want to offer, sorted by price, brand, etc. and with word search offering various forms of this service:

  • Selling your company's products in detail in features and photographs, saving business costs.
  • The external maintenance is nil as the website is ready to be updated quickly and easily from anywhere, home or business, always having an internet connection.
  • Management from anywhere with an Internet connection from the list of clients, each client orders, invoices and inventory items. Allowing also generate reports of records, requested orders or products sold.
  • Your customers can make purchases through the online stores (e-commerce), check new products or services each day and see the features of existing products quickly and easily, with only connect to the web without scrolling or telephone.

It include:

  • Logo
  • Favicon.ico
  • Contact form
  • 6 modules
  • Online store (e-commerce)
  • Self content management system