All web pages designed and developed by Gweb are self-managing. Depending on the type of web page, you will have more or less work to manage it. This management of the website is done through a content manager that owns the website. This content manager is unique for each web page of each client.

At Gweb, we include a free and personalized course so you can self-manage your own website. The course will depend on the type of web, content and functions that the website has designed and developed. In turn, you will have a client profile in Gweb, where you will have a personalized guide for the self-management of your website, so that the time without modifying your website is not a problem to remember how you should self-manage your website.

From our experience, the management of a website is often complicated by the type of web page, content or the features it has. Some of these complications for the management of a web page can be:

  • Lack of time
  • Include / modify / delete products from an online store
  • Creating texts for eg a blog
  • Editing web images
  • Etc...

There are other external efforts to achieve the success of a web page. Some of these efforts are:

  • Online marketing (how to do social networks, ads, etc ...)
  • Web positioning SEO (web optimization, regular control of search engine positioning, registration in directories, etc ...)
  • Etc...

We are aware of the work that is needed for the management of a web page and with us you will get advice of what you need. In turn, you can delegate to us the management of your website completely or partially depending on your needs.